Global Policy Group
At the intersection of business and policy
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At the intersection of business and policy

Global Policy Group

Helping clients navigate Washington for over 20 years

Since its founding in 1995, Global Policy Group® has advised and worked with corporate and institutional clients in North America, Asia, and Europe on a wide variety of U.S. public policy issues.

Global Policy Group (GPG) offers a flexible range of consulting services that help leading international corporations understand the Washington legislative, regulatory, and political process and how it can affect their business operations around the globe.

GPG is a non-partisan firm that provides objective analysis and support through retainer and project relationships.  GPG also publishes reports on emerging public policy and industry issues and helps clients organize Washington meetings and conferences.

Global Policy Group principles bring decades of experience working at the intersection of business and policy, where decisions are made daily that have dramatic impact on the performance of companies and markets worldwide.

GPG principles have significant expertise analyzing U.S. political and economic trends and working with clients on U.S. public policy developments in such areas as: energy, environment, and climate policy; automotive regulation and transportation policy; international trade; and fiscal, financial, and technology policies.

GPG’s two decades of client service is premised on a business model of providing services to U.S. and foreign companies that are underrepresented in Washington despite having strong interest in U.S. policy outcomes and major U.S. market exposure.


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