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Customized services

Customized Services 

Customized Retainers

Global Policy Group® works with clients to structured customized retainers that meet a client's specific needs.  Such retainers are structured and co-developed with clients.  While flexible in duration, most retainers are set up on an annual basis.  Common features of Global Policy Group (GPG) customized retainers include:

  • Customized memos and reports
  • “Real-time” support to address client questions and concerns
  • Customized U.S. Policy Presentations by GPG principals
  • Washington meetings for client executives
  • Scheduled conference calls or webinars
  • In-person meetings at client’s offices or GPG
  • GPG contributions to internal client publications or websites
  • The weekly GPG Capital Bulletin, a short and lively look at U.S. political developments

Customized Client Engagements and Projects

Global Policy Group undertakes customized projects for clients whose terms, focus, and deliverables are based on discussions between GPG and the client.  Most projects include one or more written reports and often include a presentation or in-person meeting.  Examples of GPG customized projects include:

  • Helping corporate clients analyze the outlook for and implications of major regulatory proposals from federal agencies
  • Partnering with a major firm to conduct three or four Washington visits per year for senior executives
  • Teaming with a major research institute to study key federal, regional, and state climate and environmental regimes
  • Providing a corporate client with ongoing analysis of a major U.S. recycling initiative and its implications for related materials markets
  • Collaborating with a foreign research institute on major Washington conferences related to climate change
  • Preparing customized analyses for clients of U.S. presidential and Congressional elections
  • Developing forward-looking scenarios for corporate clients on the implications of global political, economic, policy, and security trends