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Meeting each client's policy needs

GPG Services 

Consulting services designed to meet the client's needs

Global Policy Group® offers a range of services to help our clients understand and manage U.S. public policy developments and their impact on today's dynamic global marketplace.  Our unique approach to business and policy consulting blends forward-looking analysis of legislative and regulatory developments, political trends, and market, industry, and economic drivers.  Global Policy Group (GPG) offers several different retainer and customized project options to meet the unique public policy needs of each client, providing a variety of options in terms of cost, focus, services, and timing.

Business-Policy Service

  • Comprehensive retainer service to manage vital Washington issues and relationships
  • Includes fully customized support on individual corporate issues and needs, forward-looking analytical memos on key policy issues, and regular analysis of U.S. political developments
  • Twice-annual Global Issues Forecast political-risk reports and U.S. Policy Presentations for key executive groups 

GPG Policy Connection

  • Moderately priced, streamlined package of support and services
  • Includes monthly GPG Washington Report, regular analysis of U.S. political developments, and one customized U.S. Policy Presentation for key executives
  • Preferential access and rates for customized assignments and presentations

Customized Retainers

  • Retainer relationships customized to meet a client's specific needs in terms of content, delivery, cost, timing, etc.
  • Structured and co-developed with clients

Customized Client Engagements and Projects

  • When a retainer is not the best solution, GPG works with clients to develop customized projects to meet their needs
  • Projects generally include one or more written reports and often include presentations or in-person meetings
  • Projects can also include developing and managing Washington conferences and seminars or arranging executive visits to Washington
  • roject terms, including content, delivery, timing, and cost, are co-developed by GPG and the client