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Key issues for international business

GPG Practice Areas

Areas of Expertise

Global Policy Group® provides intelligence and analysis and offers guidance and support to senior corporate executives on a wide range of public policy matters. 

Environmental Policy

Clean air and emissions regulations and legislation and the potential impact on the automotive, energy, manufacturing, and other industries


Legislative and regulatory developments related to natural gas, oil, nuclear, and renewable energy, including federal R&D and incentives and the policy impact of energy market trends

U.S.-Japan business issues

Key issues for Japanese companies doing business in the U.S., trends and issues in U.S.-Japan trade relations, bilateral U.S.-Japan cooperation on climate and other issues

Climate Policy

Policies to mitigate and adapt to climate change, including the control of greenhouse gas emissions from stationary and mobile sources through domestic regulation and international agreements such as the Paris climate accord and the Montreal protocol

International Trade

The outlook for and implications of bilateral, regional, and multilateral international trade agreements and negotiations, U.S. trade enforcement actions, trade legislation, and trends in U.S.  exports and imports

Science and Technology policy

Federal support for research and development related to advanced energy, automotive, IT, and health technologies, key federal science and technology policy trends

motor Vehicle regulation

Regulation of light and heavy vehicle emissions, fuel economy, and safety, as well as policies related to the development of autonomous vehicles, support for automotive technology R&D, and renewable fuels regulations  

FISCal Policy

U.S. budget policy, appropriations and tax legislation, federal R&D spending, debt and deficit issues, entitlement reform proposals

Retirement and Health Care

Legislative and regulatory developments related to Social Security and private pension and retirement-savings programs, health care benefits, and health technology R&D